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Enabling Middle Click on Alps Devices

1 minute read

I have a problem. My problem is that I spent my formative years in personal computing using a mouse with a middle mouse button. With the advent of touchpads ...

WSL the Easy Way

5 minute read

I personally use Windows as my daily driver workstation operating system for managing both Windows and Linux servers. Most of the reason this is possible is ...

Tracking your home directory in Git Part 3

4 minute read

We left off in Part 2 having our Git repository cloned into the home directory on two separate workstations. Both of these workstations are on the Linux bran...

Tracking your home directory in Git Part 2

4 minute read

In Part 1 we created a repo to store our home directory and set it up on our first machine. That would be great if all we want to do is keep track of histori...

Tracking your home directory in Git Part 1

5 minute read

One of the most annoying things about working with multiple workstations is keeping your various settings and configurations in sync. This is even more annoy...