I’m a technologist and practitioner of ones and zeroes operating in the Chicagoland area for the last decade or so. Over the years I’ve setup horrifying Wordpress sites for sole proprietors, operated as a one man show holding down the fort for medium businesses, and worked on large diverse teams in enterprise scale environments. Every time I think I’ve got a good handle on this industry I find something new to surprise me, and I like that about it.

My primary background is in Windows environments, but I’m dangerous enough with Linux that I use it where appropriate. I don’t subscribe to holy wars and “use the best tool for the job” is my usual mantra. My recent focus has been on automation, specifically Ansible, and building solutions that are incredibly repeatable and scalable. Speaking of automation: I love writing scripts and tools. PowerShell is my weapon of choice (did you know it’s cross-platform?) but I’ve been working on honing my Python skills as well.

Expecting more? Head on over to my personal website.